Birth of the Glasses Ninja

Hi my name is Steven Sumner but I prefer Steve. I am the manager of SEO for

Since we posted a video for our most recent glasses giveaway contest where I held up some silly signs behind my co worker while she was recording the video we have gotten several emails asking about the glasses ninja and mentioning how funny they thought it was. Incase you could not et a good look at the signs here they are

 Let me say I am glade those of you that wrote in about it found it funny that was my intention, well actually my intention was to make Hillary laugh and screw up the video. It was really funny she had to re-do the video so many times, HEHEHE. Finally she managed to hold in the laughter and she finished the video with me holding up 3 signs behind her.

After a week of me telling her how funny it would be for her to post them online she finally decided to do just that.

We have decided that we want to bring the ninja back in many of our videos and we are discussing a find the Ninja type contest, and other ways to bring him (or her) to you.

And until then please feel free to check out this blog to find out what is going on with me and in the GlassesUSA office


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